How To Get Cash For My Boat?

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cash for my boat

If you’re running against the clock and need quick cash to cover some emergency, cash for my boat pawn loan may be the answer. Whether you’ve experienced unexpected medical costs, short on funds for payroll or salary cuts, especially during this pandemic, pawning your boat can help you get ahead of your financial problems. The best part is, you aren’t just getting a quick loan through our pawn shop, you’re getting it from a trusted and reliable partner.

How to Pawn Your Boat for Cash

To get started with the process, you must own the boat outright and submit your driver’s license, boat registration, proof of insurance and a clear boat title. Our team will then appraise your boat, verify ownership and confirm any finance owing. Once everything checks out, we provide an offer for your vessel based on the cash amount you require and your boat’s value.

Moreover, we will store the boat in a safe and secure storage area throughout the loan term. Not only will it be safe, but it eliminates the need to pay for boat storage in some cases. After paying the loan back, your boat is returned in the same condition as it was stored. If you prefer, you can have the loan extended another 30 days by paying the current pawn charges/interest accrued.

Simple Process to Get Cash

Taking out a collateral loan on your watercraft has several advantages.

Fast, Convenient Loans

Most people think that pawn lending is limited to just cars and motorcycles. Your boat can be used to secure thousands of dollars just to help out when the unexpected crops up. This will force you to scramble for some much-needed cash. With the possibility of same day funding, it’s certainly a straightforward way to get money without any hassles.

Additionally, this nontraditional lending method enables you to get loans of any value subject to your requirement and your boat’s value. Since we keep your watercraft as collateral, we can offer you more money than you are likely to get from other lenders for a boat title loan or yacht title loan. The loans are offered at very competitive rates making it manageable even for the average borrower.

Bad Credit, But Need Money in a Hurry?

There is no need for a credit check with a boat pawn loan as your boat is your collateral. We are mainly concerned with the value of your watercraft so whether you have a good, bad, or nonexistent score, it doesn’t really matter.

Working with a trusted pawnshop dealer like us means you also get more flexible financing options than the often complicated terms of bank loans and other financial lenders. We pawn many makes and models including dinghy boats, pontoon boats, fishing boats, center console boats, or even recreational water sports vehicles.

Securing the cash you want has never been simpler! If you need cash and your boat is just sitting around in a yard or dock, you are better off pawning your boat and paying off your loan with easy payments over time. Do you have a specific question about our boat pawn loans? Want to learn more, our loan professionals are waiting to hear from you. We’re available to discuss your options and point you in the right direction.