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Sell your Car, Boat, Motorcycle, Truck, Trailer, or RV

There are a thousand reasons that we all might need fast cash. Maybe you need extra capital for your small business, you need to replace your old laptop, or you just need help getting through an unforeseen crisis. In any case, you might not have considered that you could have thousands of dollars gathering rust in your garage. Maybe you don’t use your old truck anymore, or you’re thinking ‘how can I sell my car’, or you bought a boat that you barely use and you’re wondering ‘who will buy my boat’? The answer is High End Pawn. When it comes to turning your high-end collateral into cash fast, there’s no better name in South Florida.

How Do I Sell My Car?

Selling us your car or other collateral is a simple, straightforward process. You’ll need proof of ID, proof of ownership, and of course, the car. The car should be in good condition for us to buy it, and we’ll assess the value of your vehicle. This is a quick process; you can typically expect to make a sale and leave with cash in hand that day, however valuable your collateral.

Will High End Pawn Buy My Boat?

High End Pawn deals in many different kinds of high-value merchandise. You can sell us your boat, RV, your motorcycle, or many other things you might own. Some more common property that we’ll buy from you includes trucks, cars, and trailers. If they’re in good condition, we’ll give you a good price.

Benefits Of Selling to High End Pawn

Whenever it comes to selling your property, you have a few options. You could try selling on your own, but this is often a difficult process. It requires that you market what you’re trying to sell, deal with clients who may not be willing to pay your asking price, and generally requires a high investment of time and effort. The consignment services here at High End Pawn are an excellent choice in some circumstances, as we handle the selling process for you in exchange for a small percentage of what we sell it for. But it takes time to find an interested buyer, which is time you may not want to spend waiting.

When you let High End Pawn buy from you directly, you quickly know exactly what your property is worth and what we’ll give you, and you’ll be walking away, cash in hand just as fast. When you bring your property down to our pawn shop, the speed and reliability of our buying services pay for themselves.

  • Purchase Your Valuables at Fair Prices
  • Quick Cash with No Strings Attached
  • Same Day Funding
  • Easy Process
  • Low Time Investment

Call the High End Pawn team at (954) 635-5510 to learn more about selling your car, boat, and other collateral.


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