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Pawn Shop Consignment

The world is extremely busy today, and it’s only getting busier. Your time is even more valuable than your money, so when you’re interested in selling your used car, RV, boat or other property, you should choose pawn shop consignment. Attempting to sell on your own can be extremely time-consuming and frustrating, and re-sellers often only give you a fraction of the value of your property. However, there’s one way that you can get most of the value while enlisting experienced salespersons to make your sale for you. Here at High End Pawn, we offer pawn shop consignment services where you can entrust your property to us and let us sell it for you. With such a simple, time-efficient process, the only cost for you is a small commission fee.

Pawn Shop Consignment vs Pawn Shop Loans and Sales

Most people are familiar with the traditional loans and sales that pawn shops typically offer. In the case of a loan, you’re offering your property as collateral for a loan, and the pawn shop returns it once you pay off the loan. Consignment is allowing us to assist in selling your property without all the hassles of meeting people to look at your property. Consignment is typically the better choice to achieve more for your property.

Since pawn shops that buy your property on the spot are absorbing the risk and challenge of making a sale, you typically end up getting a smaller share of the value. The benefit is that you receive cash in hand immediately, but this isn’t always worth it. When it comes to consignment, however, the pawn shop only pays you once the sale is made. Here at High End Pawn, we subtract a small percentage as commission. If we can’t sell it within a certain time frame, then we return the item to you and no one is worse for wear.

Come to High End Pawn for Consignment Services

Whether you’re interested in paying some bills or padding your savings account, consignment is one of the most reliable ways to turn your gently used belongings into cash. All you have to do is bring in the item you’d like to arrange consignment for, such as a car, boat, or motorcycle, and leave it to us; we’ll fight to get the best deal for you. When you approach High End Pawn to make your sale, you’re working with one of the best pawn shops in Broward County.

  • Experienced Staff Working to Get the Best Deal For You
  • Low Commission Rates
  • We Sell or Return To You
  • Low Investment of Time and Effort
  • Zero Risk for Excellent Returns

We believe that High End Pawn is the best choice for pawn consignment in South Florida. Call the High End Pawn team at (954) 635-5510 to learn more about our consignment services.

Pawn Shop Consignment

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