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South Florida Trailer Pawn Loans

Emergencies never ask you if they’re welcome before they strike; personal challenges and economic downturns can knock anyone down. When you need help getting back up, bad credit can prevent a bank from offering you a loan. In these circumstances, too many people turn to high risk lenders that charge really high interest rates. However, there are better places to turn to; it’s possible to secure a loan with low interest rates despite having bad or no credit. When you need help, reach out to High End Pawn for trailer pawn loans, or one of our other pawn loans.

How Do I Pawn My Trailer?

Using your trailer for a pawn loan is a simple process. If your trailer crosses our minimum value threshold, you’re in the clear for a fast, reliable loan with a value pegged to the worth of your trailer. We’ll keep your trailer as collateral and return it to you once you pay off your loan. High End Pawn trailer pawn loans offer a number of advantages, such as:


Gather your drivers license and trailer registration. It is important you bring this proof of ownership. As you can see there is not much required. Lastly, don’t for get to bring the trailer. Your trailer should be in good condition and good working order.

Low Interest

There are many fast, accessible loans that are made to be accessible precisely because they carry high interest rates. Loans such as installment loans and other small-dollar loans limit the amount a customer can borrow and come with high interest. However, we use the security offered by your pawn loan collateral, be it a trailer, car or motorcycle, to offer low interest rates.

Highly Accessible

Our loans are all credit-check free; No matter how bad your credit is, you can qualify. Once we assess the value of your collateral, we’ll quickly decide whether or not you’re eligible. What’s more, the process is so fast that we are able to provide same-day funding. When you’re in a pinch, the security and peace of mind that same-day funding can provide is invaluable.

Low Minimum Value, No Maximum Limit

To secure a trailer pawn loan, you need a trailer that’s worth at least $3,000. A trailer in good shape with a value of $3,000 will earn you a loan of up to $1,500, and a more valuable trailer entails a proportionately higher loan amount.

Secure Storage

Trust is an important part of this arrangement, and High End Pawn ensures that your property is safe when you entrust it to us. All collateral is held in a secure location to minimize the threat of theft or vandalism.

What is required to pawn my trailer?

  1. Trailer, Boat Trailer, Enclosed Trailer, or Dump Trailer.
  2. Valid Drivers License
  3. Trailer Registration

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When it comes to fast, reliable, short term loans, our trailer pawn loans are unbeatable. We’re an excellent lender thanks to benefits such as:

  • Rapid Funding
  • No Credit Check
  • Wide Range of Acceptable Collateral
  • Friendly Interest Rates
  • Secure Property Storage

At High End Pawn, we’re proud to be a part of the South Florida community. To learn more about our trailer pawn loans, give us a call or text (954) 635-5510.

Trailer Pawn Loans

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